Raising Capital From GCC Families Via Zoom

Limit Your Targets

When reaching out to Family Offices and investors, it is important to be extremely targeted and put together a list of 25 groups maximum. The pandemic may seem like a time to spray and pray (some startups go after hundreds of funds), but I don’t recommend it, now or in the future. Over the course of three months, you can do a couple of pitches a week. DO NOT get into a habit, were you are doing so many calls that you have to stick to the clock and politely move on to the next one. Make sure you prepare accordingly, do your homework, allowing you to feel like you have already met the investor previously.


A sniff test is critical right now. Are the investors you’re pitching typically involved in series A rounds, or focus on B or C rounds? Are they aggressively using the pandemic to drive great values in new companies, seeking growth in existing investments, or another agenda? Family Offices and VCs are viewing the pandemic differently and you should know which deck of cards you want to be dealing with.


It may seem trivial, but with travel on pause, video calls make it easier to schedule meetings (and to have more meetings), which moves things along faster. Before Covid-19, travel logistics often determined the pace of the overall process and timing of meetings. Right now, that issue doesn’t exist.


Put fun back in fundraising, especially when you are pitching to investors at such a solemn time in our world. Often, you should mention to the audience, even if you don’t work together this is going to be the most entertaining meeting you have today. Remember, Family Offices and Venture Capital firms are people too and they’re also feeling this pandemic, professionally and personally.


Even in uncertain times, investors want to know your plan for the upcoming year. Demonstrate that you have a stable and profitable customer base. And especially now with Covid-19, demonstrate that you will be able to succeed in the short term as well as the long term.




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